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Navigating Complexity



At AnchorPoint Services, we provide comprehensive Owner's Representation services for a wide range of construction projects. Our expertise covers pre-construction, construction, and closeout stages. From program development and sourcing the right architectural and engineering team to contract negotiations, budget monitoring, and quality assurance, we provide a holistic approach to project management. 


We proudly serve a diverse range of clients, including both public and private entities. Our expertise extends to developers, institutional organizations, and businesses across various industries. Whether you're a  developer seeking project guidance or an institutional client in need of comprehensive Owner's Representation services, we are here to navigate the complexities of your construction projects and deliver tailored solutions.


We support various project industries, including retail, office spaces, labs/life sciences, industrial facilities, senior living communities, multi-family residences, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, municipal projects, and healthcare facilities. With our expertise in Owner's Representation, we provide personalized services tailored to your project needs. 

Team of Consultants


AnchorPoint is a dynamic Owner's Representation firm founded by Mike Kovacs, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. Our company is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and support throughout the construction process.


With a deep understanding of construction project management and a passion for delivering successful outcomes, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. As the driving force behind AnchorPoint, Mike is committed to guiding clients through every step of their construction journey.


At AnchorPoint, we believe in personalized service and a commitment to understanding our clients' unique needs. By offering comprehensive consulting services tailored to each project, we ensure that every detail is meticulously managed. Our goal is to exceed expectations, deliver on-time and within budget, and foster long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


“Mike Kovacs provided outstanding services.  Mike was always responsive to any problems that presented themselves in a fashion that was satisfactory to all involved.”

Director of Development

Laura Pajerowski

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